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Long Days in the Hotel ...
For the last two days, we've been cooped up in our hotel room for many hours at a time. Because of the delay in our return, we've had to wait by the phone and do lots of internet research on return flights. To try and spice up these typically boring days, we tried to do some different things with the kids to break the monotony (especially because Eli is going stir crazy more than all of us). Here are some pictures of our in-the-hotel-room adventures! Remember to read the blog for today as well.

Remember to click a picture to see a larger version for printing or downloading.

Daddy, Katie and Eli playing in a sheet-tent

Baby Clara came over to play for a while

Isn't she so cute!

The boys ready to go find supplies for our in-room picnic

Once the picnic was set up, Eli came running (kinda)

He was so eager to get some food that he lunged for it

"Look at Eli go, Mama!"

Katie was also very excited about our in-room picnic

Eli not only got his first jar of baby food today...

he also got his first teething biscuit (which he devoured)

Laura (Diane's friend) has to leave soon...

as a result, we got together for a group photo

On the way to the bath, Eli decided to walk by himself

(of course daddy held a hand, but Eli really did great!)

Katie's special treat was getting to watch TV in bed

She is so precious!

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