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Marriage Conference Weekend ...
On a weekend in January '08, we were given a weekend away at a marriage retreat. We had actually helped plan the initial stages of the retreat earlier in the year, but then had to back out of the planning team due to Eli's adoption. The trip turned out great, and it was the first time that just the two of us have gotten away for a weekend trip since we adopted Katie (almost three years)!

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Before the retreat photos, a quick one of Eli & Dada

One day recently, we moved the sub woofer and heard a noise. Turns out the kids were putting toys in the top.

The conference was at Zephyr Point in Lake Tahoe

Posing for a shot in front of the lake

We had a great time learning from the speakers

The fresh snow was so beautiful


More snow pictures

This small tree was lit up by the sunlight

We really had a great time!

Eli and Katie were really happy to see us when we got home; Eli's holding a little candy toy we brought them

Whoops! Somebody spilled their candy

"I'll help you pick it up, little brother!"

Eli loves playing in his car seat when we bring it in

Saying goodbye to Uma (thanks for babysitting, Hoffs)

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