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Guangzhou ...
It feels so nice to be back in Guangzhou. We are staying at the same hotel we stayed in when we adopted Michael last year which makes it fun to relive the memories of being here with him. The first day back in Guangzhou is the medical appointment to get a small checkup so that our kids can immigrate into the US. It was great meeting up with the other three families from Heartsent and meeting all sorts of other families who are here adopting their children. We have met some really wonderful families on this trip.

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On our way to the medical clinic

The doctor checking Hannah's lungs and heart

Hannah was so good at her check up

Everyone waiting their turn in a very tight waiting area

Some of the skyline of Guangzhou.
They have some very interesting bridges in this city.

When traffic is bad, you just turn around and go the
other way. Glad it isn't done like this in the US.

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