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Since we moved in, we have been working hard to make this house into our home. We have been working on both the inside and the outside and we think that it is finally starting to look like somebody loves it. Here are a few pictures of some of the projects that we have been working on. Click here to see the pictures of what it looked like before we moved in.

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The very first thing we tackled was the dining room. We painted the ceilings and walls and added a chair rail. It feels so much nicer than the original pink/salmon colored walls and ceiling that it had before.

Our newly decorated and painted entry

The biggest project so far was the bathroom.

It will eventually get new tile floors, too.

The "Dads" helped remove a pine tree that was leaning over the house.

Steve was the one who got the honor of cutting it down.

"Watch out Dan, here it comes"

Dan (in the far left of the picture) got out just in time

Our new view out our back door

Part of the kids play area

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