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Although we didn't get our precious Hannah yet, we thought we'd upload some pictures of our journey getting here. Overall, it was a very smooth trip. After saying goodbye to the kids at SFO, we boarded our plane for China. Upon arriving in Beijing, we braved the subway system and made it to our hotel in the city for a one night layover. Because of the time difference, we were wide awake by 3 am the next morning so we started packing and were back at the airport by 6.
It was a long flight to Kunming, but we made it in plenty of time to get settled at our hotel, then venture out to the local Walmart (nothing like U.S. Walmart stores) so we could pick up some food and supplies. We also got to spend the afternoon getting to know the other two couples that are in our travel group. It was a great day with the only downside being that we couldn't meet Hannah until tomorrow morning.

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Eli decided that he needed to pull the suitcase

And of course Katie had to have one as well

Katie is so excited about having a baby sister

Mama and three of her four kids (Eli was a bit squished)

Loves for Daddy before we headed out

Big squeezes from our big girl

One last family picture as a family of five

"Bye, bye, Mommy and Daddy"

Our plane that took us from SFO to Beijing

Happy to be on our way

It was amazing to see the Great Wall from the plane

The mountains and the full moon were incredible

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