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There wasn't much on our agenda today because our coordinator went to the consulate to submit our request for Michael's visa. As a result, we had to stick around the hotel incase they found anything to be out of order. At noon, we heard back from him that everything went smoothly and that we are all set for our appointment tomorrow afternoon. That will be the final formality before we can return home, although it will take 24 hrs. to process the visa.
After hearing that everything went well, we spent the afternoon with our friends, the Hoods. In addition to playing in the hotel's play area (in the pictures below) we also spent some time shopping at one of the little "adoption shops" where we each got some really good deals on traditional Chinese outfits for our children (they were only about $2 each!). Finally, we wrapped up the night with dinner together at the local "authentic" Southern Chinese restaurant; it's located on the street facing our hotel room so we've been curious as the place is always packed with locals. Luckily we found some suitable food for our weak stomachs since the standard items on the menu were things like turtles, snakes, worms (seriously!) and every type of ocean creature you can imagine. To wrap it all up, we got some ice cream bars at the convinence store and enojyed them during a nice chat in the park. Being here with the Hoods has been a real blessing for us because we share a lot of similarities between our families, our live experiences and especially our faiths.

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Michael slept in today; he's so cute when he's asleep

Isaiah, Sarah and Michael in the play area at the hotel

Isaiah and his Mama

Michael and his Mama

Michael is so proud of his ability to balance on his feet...

but then he got tired so he propped himself up on a teddy

During bath time today, Michael learned how to splash

It didn't take long before everything was soaked!

In the end, he was pretty proud of himself

We ate dinner at the local "authentic" Chinese restaurant

The seafood is so fresh, it lives in a dough-boy pool

Pat, Isaiah and Amy Hood

Yum! Great Southern Chinese food
served family-style.

Kevin eating some squid (yes, those are the tenticals on the bottom)


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