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Remebering Gpa ...
In February, Gpa (Sarah's Great-Grandpa) was diagnosed with brain cancer. In just a short month after his diagnosis, he went home to be with his Lord and Savior. It was so unexpected and it took him so fast that we are all still in shock. As soon as he was diagnosed, he was released from the hospital and was able to be in his own home surrounded by friends and family. All of his children were able to visit him before he passed away and almost all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We were blessed to have that month to say our goodbye's. We all miss him terribly. (Eli is having an especially hard time because he loved his Gpa so much and still looks for him everytime we go to Uma and Grandpa's house).

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Gpa was visited by many friends during his final days

My last picture of my Gpa

His memorial was held at Felton Bible Church

In doing things Gpa style we the only types of pie he liked for dessert (hot and cold)

Eli gets some love from Uma

Caleb plants a wet one on Katie's cheek

Dad, Llori, Mary & Chris (Betsy wasn't able
to make it for the memorial)

Dad, Mom and Amanda

The Hoff clan (minus Amy who couldn't travel)

Me, Mom and Amanda

Mom and Clarence

Tim and Rebecca with Uncle Dan

David loved riding bikes on Aunt Mary's deck

Eli finally liked Aunt Katy...once she offered food

Spider Man

Eli loved crawling on the ceiling with Uncle Tim

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