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At the Beach in Da Nang ...
Our last day in Da Nang, we decided to be daring and got a cab to take us to the famous Da Nang beach. It was a pretty nice looking place with really warm water. We were approached by many people while there; some wanted to see why these crazy Americans had two Asian kids, some wanted to rent us beach chairs, and others wanted to practice their english skills with us (primarily two teenage boys who were really friendly and nice).

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It was pretty windy when we got to the beach

Katie & Mama posing for a picture (Eli was distracted)

"That breeze feels nice!"

Some young Vietnamese girls enjoying the beach

These round boats were everywhere...

apparently they are very common in Vietnam

It got overcast and dark fairly quickly

A waitress tried her best to take our picture

All the staff at the restaurant wanted to hold and play
with little Eli. At one point, the girl to the left took
him and disappeared for a while. From what we
hear, this is a very common practice over here.

After dinner, the clouds looked beautiful!

Some busy scooter traffic on the bridge

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