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Sacramento Visiting ...
This week the kids and I were able to have a day of visiting friends in Sacramento while Kevin worked in Stockton. We started the day with Morse Park in Elk Gove which has a huge sprayground and lots of play structures. The kids were so excited to see "old friends" and it was a great time for the mommies to chat and catch up.

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Eli's first ventures into the water

Riley and Katie were bathing beauties

Eli bummed an apple from Erica and Audrey

The girls having fun on the edge of the spray

Kylie and Katie exercised for a while

Kylie the Monkey

Eli thought he should be big enough to do it, too!

Miss Audrey flashes a smile

Eli got caught in an unexpected spray

He was pretty mad

Ashlyn tries out the slides

Eli thought he should wash his hair in the fountains

Logan hides his face from the camera

Audrey and Katie play so great together

Eli gets a little concert from Erica

Super Matthew!

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