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This year, Kevin had many graduations to attend at Bradshaw, including the first ever high school graduation. He also got the chance to deliver the commencement address (transcript) at the 8th grade graduation.
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Kevin's 8th grade students ready to graduate

Katie saw lots of people to show off for

Katie loves her Mama!

Katie also loves her babysitter, Alicia; when Katie
saw her, she said, " 'licia - pretty dress! "

The three of us hanging out afterwards

The next morning, Katie and daddy played a
reverse game of "airplane"

The next day was high school graduation; Rick &
Niki flew out, and David & Carolyn came too!

The first graduating class was small,
but the ceremony was a good first start

Katie loves her Aunt Nini

Rick & Niki's daughter, G.G. is so big now!

Katie also loves her Uncle 'Icky

Joshua (David & Carolyn's son) was so cute

Katie also got to play with another old friend, Kennedy
She's the daughter of our friends Jeremy & Jen

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