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More fun with the Denton's ...
The day after July 4th, we headed out for an adventure to the Great Smokey Mountains. Although we didn't actually enter the National Park, we did have fun driving on a park-operated road that followed a ridge overlooking the park. We stopped for a short hike to the top of "Look Tower" (a cement tower that looked like it was made in the 50's) and then continued down the hill to a nice spot by the river. The evening concluded with going to a $5.00, all-you-can-eat pizza buffet and then a lazy time at the park. We had so much fun, and Katie really enjoyed getting to know GG better (you can view the special video by clicking on the link below).

VIDEO: Click here to see short video/slide show of Katie and GG.

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Katie and Niki with their girls (actually they're switched)

Katie loved getting "Aunt Niki" piggy-back rides

We went to "Look Tower" in the Smokey Mountains

It was really high up, but Rick and Niki didn't mind

Overlooking Smokey Mountains National Park

GG didn't want to cooperate for this picture

After the hike, we found spot by the river to play

GG loved the water (much more than Katie)

The girls loved playing "Ring Around the Rosey"

Katie liked riding the whale but GG liked the frog (below)

Rick and Kevin decided to give it a try...

but they were a little too big!

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