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Coming Home ...
After a long flight (which followed many departure delays) we finally arrived at SFO. Hannah did great on the plane and we had fun getting off the plane, knowing that it meant she was now a citizen of the U.S.! We processed her imigration paperwork at customs, then got our bags (last ones off the plane) and finally headed out the doors to meet our waiting family members.

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Eli ducked under the railing and ran to us first...

followed by Katie, and then Michael

Finally a family of six!

"Welcome home, baby girl!"

"Everybody smile!"

All the kids were curious to see her up close

"Meet your new big sister, Hannah"

Katie was very proud

Eli was proud too, but Hannah got overwhelmed

Then it was Michael's turn (she's almost as tall as him)

Hannah & Michael were curious about one another...

but then Michael couldn't resist and had to hug her!

Katie was really happy to see daddy too

Hannah with Nana and Papa...

and with Uma and Chief

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