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Hannah at Home...
Below is a collection of pictures from our first weeks home with Hannah. Although we tried to lay low most of the time and try to mainly focus on bonding, we did have a few visitors, and some fun play time.

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Hannah sleeping in her new crib

Our first morning home, the kids were anxious to play

Sarah's good friend Angela couldn't wait to meet her

Hannah did surprisingly well in her new high chair

All the kids in their new Chrimstas jammies

Michael is a bit jealous, but doing well

We had to put up these pics of Michael's new bike

He thinks he is so cool every time he gets on it!

Katie and Hannah enjoying some fun play time

Michael always has a goofy look on his face

After a few days at home, the two littles are sharing

We are still in awe that God's given us 4 beautiful kids

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