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Around Kunming ...
We really enjoyed Kunming, China during our adoption trip. Here are some pictures over the last few days from our time walking around the city, and hanging out in our hotel.

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We only saw one sunny day (well, really a half-day)

When the sun went down, it was really stunning

The nearby park was always filled with dance lessons

These women were learning to dance with scarves

A friend of a friend, Bobbie, showed us around town

Local "fuel efficient" transportation

Hannah and Owen playing together in our room

We had a get-together in our room: 5 kids & 8 parents

Hannah is styling in her headband from Miss Angela

Apparently looking beautiful is a tiring experience

Hannah and Dada having fun together

Nice and clean after a long bath!

Mama and baby ready to head out

A tired mama and daughter on the flight to Guangzhou

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