Camping ...

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Waiting for the fish to bite can be boring at times

Luckily Papa's here to help pass the time

Katie & Eli became expert bike riders during our trip

Warming up in the sun after a swim in the creek

A reflective Katie watches the rest of the family

Eli telling another very animated story

Katie and Gaga posing for a picture

With smiles like this, Daddy will always be wrapped

Katie's turn to tell Gaga an exciting story

Eli decided he needed to be safe around the fire pit

"These have a strange texture in my mouth"

"OK... I'm hooked!"

No time to pose for a picture with Daddy

Gaga tries unsuccessfully to steal a bite from Katie

Eli thought he was king of the lake!

Enjoying the ride

Hey, who's driving?

Katie gets a turn behind the wheel

Eli loved snuggling with Auntie Marilyn...

and he quickly fell asleep

One last pic with Gaga before heading home

Katie loves wearing Daddy's hat

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