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::PICTURES::Daily Pictures of Katie and Kazakhstan::

Click on a date below to view the pictures and read the highlights for that day.

You can view our pictures, or visit Tim and Chesney's website to see the pictures that Tim got;
Day 50
Staying in Korea and the last flights home (2 pgs.)
Day 49
Leavin Almaty, Uzbekistan and update letter (2 pgs.)
Day 48
Trip to the moutains and info about our arrival (2 pgs.)
Day 47
More parks, monuments and fun pictures of Katie
Day 46
Lots of pictures of our walk around Almaty. (2 pgs.)
Day 45
No pictures, we we posted another long summary
Day 44
Almaty, hotel, dinner with Dresslers & update letter
Day 43
No pictures, but we wrote a long summary
Day 42
Packing for our trip to Almaty and taking a walk
Day 41
Playing with Anelle, out with the Dresslers and our apt.
Day 40
All the usual and some more!
Day 39
Daily life in the apartment and a walk in the city
Day 38
Spending the day in the apartment
Day 37
Sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping...
Day 36
Taking a walk though the park and talkin' on the phone
Day 35
Hangin' out and visiting Anelle
Day 34
Around the house with Katie, plus our top 10 list!
Day 33
Happy Father's Day! Our first full day with Katie!
Day 32
Gotcha day! We finally got Katie for good (2 pgs)
Day 31
Last day of visiting! Also the great "Face Off" (3 pgs)
Day 30
Great news! See the pics and read the update letter!
Day 29
Inside Kaite's sleeping and play rooms!
Day 28
Katie turns 7 months old!
Day 27
Katie and the water bottle; dinner at Aigul's house
Day 26
Shopping for traditional outfits
Day 25
Katie in pink; Dinara's graduation; dinner at Dinara's
Day 24
Lightning, Astana Day celebrations and Katie outside
Day 23
Taking Katie to the doctor's office =(
Day 22
Court Day and pictures from the baby house
Day 21
Katie's first dress for a hot day, plus Kazakh camels!
Day 20
Great outdoor pictures with Katies new Hawiian hat!
Day 19
No daily pictures, but see today's special photo!
Day 18
Playing with Katie and some other baby house kids
Day 17
Playing on a blanket with the Dressler family (2 pgs)
Day 16
Katie, Katie and more Katie!
Day 15
Visiting the cultural musuem of Astana
Day 14
Katie inside with cute baby ducks! (2 pgs)
Day 13
Indoors with Katie and her crazy hair
Day 12
Walking around Astana and going out for pizza
Day 11
Playing with Katie and the hospital she was born in
Day 10
Sleepy Katie and views inside our apartment (2 pgs)
Day 9
Having tons of fun with Katie indoors! (2 pgs)
Day 8
Katie outdoors, our friends Jen & Jesse and the park
Day 7
Katie, city life and cooking lessons with Dinara (2 pgs)
Day 6
Playing with Katie on our third day together
Day 5
Sightseeing around Astana, Kazakhstan
Day 4
Second day with Katie and outside of our apartment
Day 3
First meeting with Katie at the baby house
Day 2
Layover at the Incheon Airport in Seoul, Korea
Day 1
Leaving home, at the airport and on the plane


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