Day 32 - June 18th
"Gotcha Day"

Here are pictures from our big day. Page two has more pictures of when we arrived home. We wrote an update letter detailing all the events of the day. You can click here to read it.

After getting some flowers, we arrived at the baby house

Both couples were ready to pick-up their girls

The note we left for Katie's caregivers; "You have brought us so much
joy by taking such good care Alua for her first 7 months. We will always tell her about how much her caregivers loved her. Thank you so much!"

Dinara was kind enough to translate it for us so that we could give it to
them in Russian.

When we arrived, Katie was being fed by her favorite caregiver, Aliya (you've seen her in many other pictures)


After putting on a diaper, Sarah dressed Katie in her special outfit.

The orphanage director said a special goodbye to Katie...

As well as Katie's doctor

After all the tearful goodbyes, we were all ready to head home

Our wonderful adoption team; Dinara (translator),
Robert (driver) and Erken (coordinator)

Riding home from the baby house (notice no car seat, YIKES)

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