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One day while we were visiting with the Squyres, we took a trip to the moutains to play in the cool creek and hike up to the beautiful waterfalls. It was such a fun and relaxing day for all.

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Playing in the creek

Katie was "fishing" with Savannah

Natalie and Savannah work together to get Eli across the rocks

Andy helps fix some sandwiches for lunch before we head up the mountain.

Eli liked being in the baby wrap for the hike

The girls and Andy check out a snake in the creek

Katie loved Olivia's sunglasses

Olivia shows off for the camera

A little waterfall on the hike up the mountain

Savannah helps Katie up the many steps

The veiw at the top was beautiful

We all rested on the deck after a long climb to the top

Amy and Sarah carried the boys to the top, so they were especially tired.

One of the many beautiful flowers we saw on the hike. North Carolina is so lush compared to California.

Savannah gives Katie a piggy back ride

Delaney cools off in the creek

We spotted Big Foot...oh no, it is just Eli

Andy and his boy :-)

Elliot tries to splash the camera while Katie fishes

Eli was mad that he could not stop the water

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