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8.29.14 Although there haven't been pictures the last couple days, Kevin wrote a short blog post about his experience in China this past week. Read it here.
8.28.14 We've been keeping up-to-date with new photos each day from Daniel's adoption trip. The latest is "Day 4"
8.26.14 After lots of paperwork and waiting, we finally made it to China to adopt Daniel. Although we haven't been good at updating our site in a while, we're trying to do some regular updates from this adoptin trip. Click here to access the menu page for our trip with links to each day.

Incase you haven't heard we're adopting again! To help raise the funds, we're making these custom, copper necklaces featuring the phrase "Different Not Less" (or a custom phrase of your choice).

To order, please use the link below and we'll get it shipped right out. Thanks for helping!

6.18.13 Things have been beyond busy at the Lockwood house lately, so there hasn't bee nmuch posted the past few months, but we just got back from the Joni & Friends Family Retreat and HAD to share about our incredible experience! Check out this blog post!
3.1.13 Hannah had to miss her most recent surgery due to a flu bug, but we're back on track for next month, and praying she stays healthy! Thanks for your prayers.
2.2.13 We just uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip to Disneyland. View them here.
1.30.13 A new blog post titled, "Year in Review" is life - Read it here!
11.17.12 After a long break, we finally put up some new pictures as well. Check out this new page of Fall Fun: click here
10.06.12 A new blog post is up (we know, we know... it's been a long time) Read it here!
7.29.12 The past two months have been crazy for us, and the next four months are only going to be more insane. However, the good news is that both Hannah and Michael are getting much needed surgeries (one for Michael's feet, two for Hannah's hand and one more for her eye lids). Please keep us in your prayers as this is going to be a rough fall season, especially since the surgeries will all be out of town. We'll try to post more updates and new photos when we get a chance, but for now, time is precious.
6.8.12 New pictures are posted from the last day of school, as well as the first day of summer, including our trip to the zoo. Click here!
You'll also notice some new changes to the website, including a new "Video" page with links to our YouTube channel, and our playlists of favorite videos.
6.6.12 Today is our 13th anniversary! (See an old wedding picture here)
We also took the time to update our family picture at the top, and our kids' pictures on the right side. If you want to see how much they've grown, click on our archive of front page photos.
5.26.12 It's been a busy month, but we finally wrote a new blog post about Hannah's progres. Click her to read it!
4.22.12 New pictures from our trip to see our new nephew, Jed as well as pics from the Raymond Parade. Click here to seem them!
4.1.12 Today Hannah got her casts off! We've put up a page of pictures chronocling the last three months of medical appointments. Click here to see them.
3.7.12 This past month we got to celebrate Michael's birthday with a trip to the zoo and a party at home; click here for the pictures.
3.6.12 New pictures are up: click here to see how much Hannah has grown, and all the cool colors of casts she's had this past month!
3.5.12 Hannah will be having surgery on Thursday the 8th of March so we wrote a new blog post about all of our adventures: click here.
2.2.12 For those of you interested in the details of Hannah's condition, we've posted a Q&A on our blog about Moebius Syndrome. Read it here.
1.28.12 A new blog is posted about Hannah's adjustment since we've gotten home, and about the diagnosis of her unique and extremely rare syndrome. Click here!
1.16.12 We took advantage of this beautiful weekend and headed to Yosemite for a fun family outing. Pictures are posted here!
To see a complete list of past updates, click here.







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