Daddy's Last Day in China...
With our growing family, and the requirements of Kevin's new business, it was not possible for him to stay the entire two weeks. Before he left for home, we decided to take advantage our last day by exploring some new locations, and visiting some old favorites.
Since we didn't have any morning appointments, we started the day by hanging out in the hotel room for a few hours and letting Daniel just play. Although he's been very quiet and nervous in public, he comes alive when we're in the hotel room together. This morning, he started a new game of throwing all his toys into a difficult-to-reach location, then finding a way to access them, and throwing them all to another difficult location. We laughed and laughed as he shimmied under the bed, squeezed behind the night stand or crawled up on the arm chair, then systematically threw his toys to a new location each time.
After some play time, we headed out on an adventure and explored the expansive Liuhuahu Park which is situated around Liuhua Lake. There were many unique gardens, pagodas and amusement attractions. Daniel especially enjoyed seeing the other kids enjoy the rides in the kiddy amusement park. (For other families staying at The China Hotel, here's a map of the lake)
Later in the afternoon, we had an appointment at the police station to apply for Daniel's passport, then we took the subway to Shamain Island, which used to be the location where all Amerian couples stayed while finishing their Chinese adoptions. It's a beautiful colonial British area that has been preserved; the architecture combined with the climate has a feel similar to Key West in Florida. The best part of visiting again was the familiar restaurants and shops; we even ran into one of the shopkeepers who recognized us instantly and wanted to know how all our other adopted children have been. (Each time we're in China, she is always so sweet and keeps up on our kids' progress since her own children are about the same ages.)
After a nice and affordable dinner at the American hangout, "Lucy's" (which doesn't really have any American patrons anymore), we got a taxi and headed back to our hotel to pack for Kevin's departure. It was hard saying goodbye to each other, especially knowing that Daniel won't understand when he wakes up in the morning, but it was a necessary choice and we're glad Kevin was able to come for a few days, and to be there for Gotcha Day.

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Every building in the park had beautiful architecture

Stopping for a quick picture along our walk

"Dad... quit messing with my hat already."

This particular garden was an award-winner in China

One of the amusement rides; a pedal coaster!

Quick "selfie" on top of the viewing platform

Apparently this enormous building is a wedding hall

A similar species of tree to California redwoods!

The subway was nicer than the last time we rode it!

"Blending in" with the locals

The famous bronze sculptures on Shamain Island


Starbucks is in a beautiful & historic British building

Somebody needed a snack

Daniel played with anything he could reach at dinner

He was thrilled when some young guys sat nearby

It's always fun running into someone you know in GZ

Daniel helping Daddy pack

"Take me with you, Dadda"

Last photo before Daddy left for the airport

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