First full day together...
We woke up yesterday and began our first full day as Daneil's parents. He was up bright and early at 6 AM and so we headed to breakfast where Daniel ate, and ate, and then ate some more. He does really well feeding himself even though his CP requires more concentration to get the spoon to his mouth.
After breakfast we headed back to the Civil Affairs office where we received him the day before. There was a lot of paperwork and notarizations to complete. While waiting, there were a couple other families there and one of them was from Modesto!
The rest of the day we spent just getting to know each other more. We learned that Daneil loves to play with stacking cups, and he really likes throwing his ball. We got our first smiles when daddy and him started a rousing game of catch.
In the evening, we went out exploring on foot, however this hotel is in a different part of town than where we've stayed before and there isn't much access to resurants, shopping, etc. As a result, we headed back to the hotel and tried eating at their traditional Cantonese restaurant. It was a bit awkward and hard to order, but we finally got some food. Daneil had a blast though, and spent the entire time people-watching.

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Somebody LOVES eating dragon fruit.

Notice all the empty breakfast bowls!

First smiles

Such a happy boy!

And the serious look

Playing catch is one of our favorite activities

"Hey Dada... here it comes!"

"Whoa! Nice catch!"

And here's the pouty face

Today was also Daniel's first bath. He LOVES the water and had so much fun splashing and playing with his stacking cups in the tub

Guangzhou is a mix of old and new

One of the typical side streets in China

Guangzhou is also a very green city in many places

This is our hotel; it's a bit old, but nice

Out for a walk with the sling

Enjoying our traditional dinner together

Somebody kept getting distracted with each bite; the restaurant had mirrors on the ceiling, and this boy loves to see his reflection!

We've bonded so much in the first couple days; what a blessing this little guy is! He is such a wonderful addition to the family!

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