Gotcha day!
After nine months of paperwork, forms, consulate visits, etc., we finally received our precious Daniel. He was a little scared at first and cried, but then he calmed down and spent the rest of the day taking everything in, as well as playing with some toys we brought. We are truely blessed by this little guy, as with each of the other kiddos God has given us. We will write more throughout the week, but for now, here are some pictures.

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The first moment we saw him as he walked out

First photo with mom and dad!

Warming-up to us with some fish crackers

Daddy's first time holding Daniel
Look how tall this boy is!

Riding in the car back to the hotel

As soon as we got out these stacking cups...

Daniel jumped in and spent an hour sorting and stacking

Eating some french fries for dinner

Although Daniel doesn't walk, he's learning to stand!

Look at those cute cheeks!

Keeping a close eye on us

Daddy and Daniel playing

Out cold. What an overwhelming day!

We finally got out cars and he wouldn't put 'em down

Fast asleep in bed

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