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Last Day of School / First Day of Summer...
School is out and summer is in! To celebrate, we took the kids to the Fresno Zoo's member night event where there were special behind-the-scenes tours, free ice cream and live music. We all had a blast, and the kids even got to feed the giraffes for the first time (usually it costs quite a bit but this time it was free). To top it off, everyone was exhausted and slept well when we got home... and that was a treat for mom and dad!

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Hannah is looking so grown-up with her pig tails!

Katie at drop-off on the last day of school

Katie had a blast at the school's water day celebration

Eli receiving his promotion certificate

Eli and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Penton

Michael's been making silly faces lately; this is "grumpy"

At the zoo, we got a tour of the animal hospital

Eli was really impressed with the rhino's airway tube

Feeding the giraffes was so much fun!

Katie was really brave

Look at that tongue!

It was a highlight of the day

Michael concentrated hard on eating his ice cream...

where as Hannah didn't waste a second in eating it

The live concert was Eli's favorite part, as you can see

The littles decided to enjoy the music from the stroller

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