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Fall Fun at the Park...
After a long break in updating pictures here on our website, we finally got some time to put a few up! Over the Veteran's Day weekend, we took the kids to a neat park in Fresno that caters to wheel chairs. Why was that important? Well, Michael has been in double leg casts for the last month, so he has been confined to playing on the floor or being pushed in a wheel chair. As a result, this park was the perfect opportunity for him to get out and about!

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Michael has gotten so good at driving by himself

As always, our monkey Eli was on swinging on bars

Hannah's beautiful face (this is after the eyelid surgery)

Michael hamming it up as usual

The slide was a huge highlight for Michael...

but Hannah also really enjoyed it as well!

Making wild noises in the cement tunnel is always fun

Mama is getting skilled at pushing both kiddos

Eli was so sweet and took Michael all over the park

Other big news lately is that Hannah's walking!

The big kids brought their bikes and had a blast

A very tired but smiley Eli

"Look out; here we come!"

Michael making a sour face while Dada pushes

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