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Disney's California Adventure...
A trip to Disneyland is something that's not normally in our budget, but Disney provided us with the opportunity to get tickets for half-price through a program they kids with needs. On top of that, we had some hotel credits so it seemed like the prime time to take the kids to L.A. The tickets had a specific date when you had to use them, so we got to experience Disney in the dead of winter, which wasn't too bad, plus the lines were short. We had never been to California Adventure, and since the new Cars Land just opened, we figured the kids would really enjoy it... and they did!

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Michael was themost excited about meeting Mater

Playing with the beads at Filmore's tent

Eli had to survey everything

Our flower-power daughter

Inside Luigi's store


Riding Luigi's flying tires

The girls!

Katie having a blast

OK... meeting Lightening was also a highlight for M

Hannah thought she was hot stuff in a Jessie hat

Hannah also got excited seeing hats in Cars Land

Eating at Flo's Cafe

One of the "Horky" faces we got throughout the day

Check out the cool bench seats!

Two happy campers

Michael got to drive the bumper car himself

Chinese takeout, anyone?

Michael led the way through the rope bridges

Riding the farris wheel was fun but a bit scary

All bundled up!

Enjoying Cars Land at night

Katie was so brave on the fast rides!

Just like in the movie, huh?

We couldn't resist taking this one

Everyone's favorite; Ramones Body Shop

Meeting Stanley

The tractor "petting zoo"

Going strong, even after bedtime!

The awesome ferris wheel

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