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Katie and GG and all the puppies

They had so much fun together

Jonas checks out the fountain at the World Fair Park

And then runs right in

The mommies ventured in when the water was low

GG loved the fountains

Eli watches the fountains from afar

Jonas tries to figure out why Katie wouldn't get in

Eli does his sign for cold, as Daddy runs in

And then got mad when Daddy didn't listen

He was much happier once Daddy was holding him

Testing out the water

Rick, Niki and Sarah each had a kid on their back

Inside the Worlds Fair ball

It reminded us a lot of the one we went up in Kaz

The parents had fun on the big wooden play ground


"I'm going to get you"

Katie and GG on the tire swing

Rick got out his drum for Eli to play

GG and Eli would not pose for the camera

One last picture before we had to leave

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