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Swimming with the Dentons and Quans...
After our day of outdoor adventure with Rick and Niki, we all met up with our kids, plus the Quan family and Rick's parents. We went to the Folsom Aquatic Center because of their beach-entry pool and kids "sprayground". It was a lot of fun seeing all the kids together.

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Eli got used to the water really quick

"Swimming lessons part 1; how to kick"

All that work can be tiring

Katie was facinated with little Mikey

Joshua made sure to smile big for the camera

Niki and Jonas (AKA: Mr. T)

All the kids enjoying their cupcakes at once

(Boy, there sure is a lot of them now!)

Carolyn and Amy

Katie and G.G. loved jumping in the water together

The Dentons, minus G.G.

Eli is always close by one of his parents

Rick's dad with G.G.

David practicing his GQ look (actually it wasn't posed)

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