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Experiencing the Canopy Zip Tour with the Hoffs ...
One day while staying with Sarah's family, her dad treated us with tickets to the Canopy Zip Tour at Mr. Hermon (where he works). It was great fun and Kevin really enjoyed seeing the new course (he worked for many years at Mt. Hermon as one of the facilitators for their ropes and zip courses).

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The course is a series of zip lines and rope bridges
in the tops of the redwood trees, 150' above the creek

Getting out to the first tree is an easy rope bridge from
the edge of the canyon, but then it gets really high!

Steve coming in to one of the stations

Amanda was next

Good job, Amanda!

Sarah, Amanda, Steve and James

Here's one of the platforms in the tree
(Can you see it?)

A little closer view (these are much bigger than the ones Kevin used to work on, but also much higher)

Sarah's cousin, James flying through the trees

Sarah on the same zip line, but a bit later

Eli had fun watching

And so did his Sissy

Amanda, James and Kevin pose in the tree

Afterwards, we all took a picture

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