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Fun in Santa Cruz ...
After moving out in July, we headed to Santa Cruz while in between houses. Here are some of the fun things we did while there.

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Eli's first trip to the Boardwalk! (This is at the train)

Kevin and Katie had fun on the Pepsi trucks

Eli preferred to just watch

Katie was too busy driving to smile

Eli loved riding the famous carousel

For Sarah's birthday, we went to the Salinas Rodeo

Katie and Eli had fun in the kid's area

The petting zoo was the highlight

"You want me to touch that thing?"

"Oh... it's not too bad after all"

"Mom, is this a cow?" (actual comment)

"No, Katie. This is a cow"

At the beach in Capitola with Gaga

Eli was distracted by a live guitar at a nearby restaurant

"Playing in the sand is so much fun!"

Everyone got involved

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