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River and Beach Fun ...
Here are some pics from our hike to a swimming hole in Henry Cowell State Park and from our trip with the Hoff's to a state beach off Hwy 1 near Half Moon Bay.

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The kids love hiking in the woods

Daddy, Eli and Katie climbed up the base of a tree

Playing in the river is so much fun

Too bad we forgot the swimsuits

Eli is always the first one in

Katie hiked up the steep hill by herself

At the beach with Uma and the Hoffs

Too very cold boys

Our little angel walking with her Uma

"Look at this crab!"

"Isn't it neat?"


The sand can be so much fun

Collecting all our sea treasures

Sarah's dad, Steve had a great time

But sister Amanda was really cold

Eli is a big digger

Giving loves to cousin James

James and his mom, Llori (Sarah's aunt)

The kids had a blast testing out the seats of the used car we just bought to replace our older, less-reliable one

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