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Eli's Happy Adoption Day Celebration ...
On July 30th we celebrated Eli's adoption into our family. Sarah and her mom cooked a big traditional Vietnamese dinner and we invited friends and family over. It was a great way to celebrate the one year anniversary of bringing Eli into our family.

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Everyone loves loving on Eli in the morning

Uma wrapped Eli up in her robe to keep him warm

Eli rode his horse before the party

Katie showed everyone how she's going to preschool

Getting dressed for the party in our Vietnamese outfits

"Look at me!"

The fresh spring rolls Sarah and Mary made

And this is the sweet potato balls and rice noodles

Caleb enjoyed showing off for Katie

"Here Eli, let me help you open these presents"

Even at a young age, Eli knew what this present was

A miniature guitar!

He absolutely loved it (of course we knew he would)

"Look at me play, guys!"

Eli was pleased with the concert he gave Aunt Manda

Later, Daddy showed Eli some guitar skills

"Strum it like this, Eli"

The next morning Kevin got out his guitar too

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