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Camping with the Lockwoods ... (PAGE 2 of 2)
Here are some more pics from the camping trip and from Sacramento.

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Riding around the campground was so much fun

Papa helping Katie learn how to fish again

We kept getting snagged but the river was shallow...

so Sarah & Kevin took turns walking out to unhook it

Papa helped "hook" one then Katie reeled it in!


Everyone was so excited

Katie fell in love with her new friend

"Mommy, can I pick it up?"


After some pics, Katie had so much fun with her fish

She played with it...

And talked to it...

And even tried to kiss it (we stopped her)

After Papa cleaned it, we brought it back to camp

Both Katie and Eli thought it tasted great!

In Sacramento, we stayed with the Quans...

The kids are really getting used to swimming there

Katie and Joshua watching TV in our bed

After Eli's readoption court hearing the next morning, we paused for a picture outside the court house

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