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Fairytale Town...
On the very last day of daycare, we took Hailey, met up with the moms and kids from our Bible Study and went to Fairytale Town. It was a lot of fun but the moms were outnumbered (7 kids, 4 moms).

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Karie and Ben head down the big slide

Ben, Kylie, Katie and Eli check out the sheep

Ashlyn hangs out in the stroller

Ben and Katie talk with Hailey

Jesslyn on the playground

Leandra loved climbing

Katie was so proud of how she could climb

James tried to keep up with the big kids

The whole group checks out the 3 little pigs

Ashlyn rides the horse

Ashlyn climbing through the cheese

Cinderella's carriage

Kylie, Katie and Ben

Leandra going down the slide

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