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Hannah's Medical Journey in Pictures...
These past few months have been non-stop doctor's appointments for poor Hannah. With weekly drives to Sacramento for Shriner's Children's Hospital, occasional trips to the Bay Area for cranio-facial experts and our regular trips to our local hospital (which is an hour away), we have been busy! But at the same time, our ability to get Hannah top-notch medical care is really a complete miracle. We wrote a blog about it last month (click here to read) but this month we thought we'd upload some pictures to retell her story.

Don't Forget: Click on any picture below to view a larger version that you can download/print.

Hannah's not so sure about her 1st trip to Shriner's

Hannah's feet before her 1st casts; also, see them here

Every week we got a 20 min between sets of casts

Hannah loved playing in the water during those times

Hannah is always overwhelmed on our drives home

Connected to monitors for an all-night sleep study

Half-way through our 12 weeks of casting

Look how much her feet are straightening out!

On our way to surgery at 5 AM!

All preped for surgery (notice the mark on her left cast)

Hannah's all ready after getting some relaxing meds

Our friend Angela brought breakfast & waited with us

All the cranio-facial specialists Hannah saw in one day

First picture after the last set of casts came off!

Hannah with her new brace that she'll now wear 24/7

"Hey guys... you can take this thing off now!"

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