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Over the MLK weekend, Yosemite had free admission so we jumped at the chance (it sure beats paying $20). It was our first family outing since bringing Hannah back, so we got a first-hand experience of what it meant to pack for four kiddos. Everyone had fun and it was really nice weather too!

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Mama making sure Hannah was plenty warm

Eli and Michael hamming it up

Playing in the meadow

Dead wildflowers became magical batons to twirl

The sky was so clear and crisp!

Hidding under a slanted piece of granite

Katie and Eli making sure we didn't get lost

The setting sun was so beautiful on the trees

Our first hike as a family of six!

We got a beautiful view of the valley as we were leaving

The weekend also made for great bike ridding at home

Both Katie and Eli are pros on their "big kid" bikes

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