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Welcome Baby Jed and Raymond Parade...
These past eight days have been a blast! Last Friday we got to see Kevin's brother's family and their brand new baby boy, Jedediah. All of our kids absolutely loved meeting their new cousin, and we were trilled to celebrate with David & Meg, the proud parents.
After a week of school, we enjoyed the beautiful (and hot!) summer weather by going to the annual Raymond Parade. It's a tradition we've had since we moved to the community and we wouldn't miss it for anything. The town of Raymond, which is about 12 miles north-east of our home, is so small that there's only two bars and one gas pump in town. In fact, it looks compleately untouched since the 1940's, and much of the town still looks like it did in the mid to late 1800's! The parade is a fun, down-home celebration of America, farming/ranching and all-things country. Some call it hokey and back-woods, but we love going and feel so blessed to be raising our kids in a community that has such strong roots with this country's heritage.

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Baby Jedediah: less than a week old and lots of hair!

Meg, Tatum and Jed

As you can see, Sarah loves holding new babies

Katie was thrilled to be big enough to hold him

And of course Hannah LOVES babies too!

Both Lockwood families and their kiddos

At the parade, Eli didn't miss a thing; he's a huge fan

Hannah was in her summer dress and new pig tails!

The kids loved the past, present & future rodeo queens

Michael kept waving back with the same "royal wave"

The sirens & gunfire were too loud for poor Hannah

Everyone huddled in the shade of the van

Mama and Hannah who's trying to block the bright sun

By the end of the day, Eli was very hot, but happy!

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