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Arriving Home (page 2) ...

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Daddy and his boys

Uma made everyone matching outfits for our arrival

"Mama, he has spikey hair"

Video taping Uma taking pictures of us :-)

"Mama, why am I not sitting on your lap?"

Katie was just thrilled to finally have her brother home

Daddy and Katie on the ride home

The beautiful "Welcome Home" sign that Katie, Eli and Uma made for us.

Katie really wanted to help feed Michael his bottle

Snuggling with Uma after a nap

"Hey, it is still the middle of the night in China!"

Eli holding Michael for the first time, Michael thought that it was fun to be held by his big brother.

Mama was so exhausted after 24 hrs of traveling that she conked out on the floor. Michael thought it was a game and that he had conquered Mama!


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