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Gushan Mountain...
Today's outing was to the popular recreation area near Fuzhou, called Gushan Mountain. The main part of the mountinous area is sprawling Buddhist monastery complex. We toured a large portion of the historic facility including many of the temple buildings and many of the trails through the hills. (For thouse familiar with the San Jose area, it was very similar to Castle Rock State Park above Saratoga; many steep hillsides with rock outcroppings everywhere.)
Seeing an active monestary was an interesting experience for both of us. It was amazing getting an close-up view of an idol-based religion in it's native environment. There were so many statues, shrines, etc. that our heads were spinning.
On the way back down the mountain, we stopped at the scenic overlook and tried to take pictures of the city below, but the smog was pretty thick. The long, winding drive also made us a bit carsick, but despite the downsides, it was still a fun day getting to see a more natural side of Fuzhou, and we have many memories that we will never forget.

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The entryway to the compound

Posing for a picture in front of the koi pond

This pagoda was used for burning incense

A restraunt in the compound (we thought it was odd too)

One of the many passageways

The natural rock canyons were so steep

Everywhere you looked, poems were carved in stone

This gorge was about 70' deep

Sarah held tight to Michael while looking in the gorge

More rock carvings

An artisitc roof tile "end cap" on one of the buildings

Everywhere you looked, there was a temple or pagoda

The writing on the left is ancient Chinese characters

We probably climbed a couple thousand steps!

The entry to one of the main shrines

The architecture was amazing

The main courtyard

A shiny Buddha

The scenic overlook of Fuzhou (with lots of smog)

One of the rikety gondola cars that climbs the mountain

We were all boarderline carsick from the windy road
coming down the mountain

Looking out toward Michael's village (it's just beyond
the far ridgeline)


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