Eli Thanh Lockwood

First things first, we finally came up with a name for our son. His name once he gets to the United States will be Eli Thanh Lockwood. We really wanted to choose a first name for him like we did for Katie and then be able to use part of his Vietnamese name for his middle name.

We also have been doing some research about the place where he is living right now, the Da Nang Orphan Nurishment Center, and have gotten really lucky in finding a family who was just there adopting their son in December. They had many pictures of the orphanage and the most exciting thing for us is that we have found that they also have pictures of Eli. In the pictures that follow, he is the one in the blue and white sweater. It was such a blessing to hear from this family that the orphanage where he is, is clean and the children seem very well taken care of.

We were so excited to get more pictures of our little son

Now we can see the rest of the pillows that he is on in the
referral pictures

He is actually looking at the camera in this picture

Almost a little smile...


It looks like Eli has a best friend in his group

The family adopting in his orphanage brought along their twin 4 year olds who they adopted from Vietnam

The communal play area for the children

He is working really hard to see the girls playing above him

The family and their new son

The girls loved playing with the babies while they were there

The outside of the orphanage (right below the white sign)

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