Hawaii Vacation, Page 1
In Auguest, Kevin's parents took us (and Kevin's brother David) on a wonderful vacation to Kona, Hawaii, on the big island! For eight incredible days, we had fun snorkling, hiking, laying on the beach and playing in the pool at the resort. Katie also had a breakthrough with being comfortable with water as we tried out her "water-wings" for the first time. If you have a few minutes, browse through the mutliple pages of pictures.
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Getting off the airplane (Katie was too excited to smile)

The building where we stayed


Kevin's dad relaxing Hawaiian style

The incredible Hilton Wiakoloa was across the steet from us!

Katie found lots of fun things to play with in the room

With her water-wings, Katie even loved getting tossed in!

Katie and Papa swimming together

This is how excited Katie was by the end of the week!

More pool fun!

Two water babies

Katie pointed to this historical carving and said "Cry!"

Since she thought it was sad, she gave it a kiss to feel better

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