Fallen Leaf Lake '06, Page 1

We had a wonderful camping trip this past Labor Day Weekend. The three of us got away to Fallen Leaf Lake, next to Lake Tahoe. So far, our summer vacations have been with our extended family (which was wonderful!) but it was also nice to go somewhere with just our family. In addition, it was a nice break after our first full week of work. Although Katie still slept rough in the tent, like on our last camping trip (click to see the pictures), she really had a blast when she was awake, especially in the dirt! Scroll down, then click on the second page to see all the pictures.
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The meadow between Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe

Katie exploring the meadow


"Mama, look...ducks!"

If Katie's unsure, she puts her hands behind her back

Eventually, she warmed up to the ducks

The family goin' for a swim

Katie had a ball in her special trailer

Can't you tell she's having a good time?

Exploring nature

And showin' off for dad

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