Adoption Picnic, September 2006

This weekend, we went to a picnic put on by our local adoption agency (the one that did Katie's homestudy and that's doing our Vietnam adoption). It was so much fun seeing the newly adopted children of other couples whom we'd taken classes with long before getting Katie. Mostly, the other children were from Guatamala or China, but there were a couple other Kazakh children and even a boy from Vietnam. We really enjoyed talking to the other parents about their experiences and answering the constant questions, "where's she from?"
We also included some other misc. pictures from the past few weeks, including pics of baby Grace, the newly adopted daughter of our church friends, Don and Sarah. Grace is a beautiful little Chinese girl with a wonderful personality!

Katie loves play structures!

Kaite making new friends


Racing down the slide

"I want what she has"

Kaite finally enjoyed the swing!

Meeting Don & Sarah's new daughter from China

"Hi! I'm Grace."

Katie helped bring her O-ma two new kittens

Talking on the cell phone

Katie helping daddy (that's a serpentine belt she's holding)

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