Trip to the Snow

On New Years day we took a trip up Hwy 88 to play in the snow. It was an interesting day to say the least! We had fun for the first hour we were there, but then panic set in when we couldn't find the car keys. Katie started getting cold and tired, but we didn't know what to do. We looked all over the car, and in all the places we had been. To make things worse, the cell phone had no reception and the battery was almost dead. After praying for a miracle, Kevin went out one last time to look; he suddenly felt that he should put his hand down in the snow at one point where we had been, even though he couldn't see anything. Amazingly, the keys appeared! Our prayers were answered! After all the drama, we decided to leave right at that moment. =D

Katie was excited as we got ready to go out in the snow...

however, being bundled up was a rare experience for her


Katie enjoyed some juice while Mama and Dada searched
for the car keys.

We came across this old firehouse on the way home; the
sign says "Lockwood Fire Protection District"

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