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"Staying On Our Toes..." - May 26, 2012

It’s been five months now since Hannah joined our family, and as we reflect on our time together, one thing has become abundantly clear: life isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Although our weekly drives to Shriner’s Hospital in Sacramento tapered off last month, life as a family of six keeps us on our toes. Whether it is doctors appointments, school drop-off/pick-up, homework, or just getting the grocery shopping done, we keep plenty busy. We’re also still working on getting Hannah to sleep peacefully at night, which hasn’t improved a whole lot since we first got home, but in spite of all the exhaustion, long drives and sleepless nights, we couldn’t be happier! Our little girl has come so far in five short months, and as we prepare to celebrate her second birthday in June, we know that God’s amazing plan for her is just beginning to reveal itself.

As we said, it's been a busy last few months of medical tests, appointments with experts and ongoing evaluations. Through each of these, God has continued to bless us with unexpected surprises. For example, we were fairly certain that Hannah would have to go in for eye surgery due to her referral paperwork saying she had “strabismus” (aka: cross-eyes). After getting in to see a well-respected Opthmologist this past month, we were surprised to learn that Hannah’s eyes are not crossed at all! We had also been concerned about Hannah’s airway due to the various noises she makes at night or while eating, but after waiting months to see one of the leading head/neck surgeons in the Bay Area, we were thrilled to finally learn that Hannah’s air passage looks OK. We did discover one interesting thing however; one side of her vocal chords are completely paralyzed. We had never suspected this because she can talk, and even yell at a volume that rivals all of her older siblings. According to the doctor, the working side is compensating and doing all the work, so this isn't slowing her down either.

God has worked so many miracles in Hannah’s life already, and He keeps reminding us that He’s not finished yet. In fact, in addition to the medical exams, we have also been seeing incredible advances in her cognitive development and language comprehension. She has figured out how to “scoot” across the floor while wearing her brace and has even begun to learn to crawl on her hands and knees, giving her lots of freedom to move around the house. This has been incredibly hilarious because if one of us comes home with Hannah, she’ll start scooting around the house, desperately trying to find the other parent... and she doesn’t stop until she’s had success! Best of all, we’ve witnessed Hannah understanding statements, instructions, etc. at an incredible level of comprehension, despite the fact that she’s only been hearing English for five months. With the determination, energy and passion this girl already has, it’s obvious that there is no way she’s going to let her differences hold her back for one minute!


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