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"Year in Review" Jan 30, 2013

There’s no doubt that the last twelve months have been the busiest months of our lives. So much has changed in our family that it’s been hard to keep track of it, as evidenced by the lack of updates we’ve made here on our blog. Despite the crazy schedule, continual lack of sleep, and occasional insanity that has become the norm, we have been blessed beyond measure. 

While driving to another out-of-town appointment last week, we started talking about all that’s happened this year. After a while, a theme began to develop and we realized that there have been some very specific numbers tied to the significant things our family has experienced. We decided to jot some of the ones down that came to mind and share them here:

10,000+   Amount of miles driven to doctor’s appointments
80   Number of new ASL signs our family learned together
24   Meetings Sarah has helped lead with her MOPS group
16   Sets of cast changes
8   Total number of surgeries and procedures between Hannah & Michael
5   New fingers that Hannah can now use
4   Additional clients that Kevin began working for in his consulting business
2   New lenses with which Eli can view his world 
1   Very proud big sister who loves showing Hannah how to be girly
  Dull moments in the Lockwood home!

While those those numbers all relate to positive things, it’s true that our family has been stretched, tested and pushed to the limits in many different ways, and yet, witnessing God’s grace and His plan for kids' future has completely rewritten the way we understand life, trials, and what the world sees as "disability".


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